Scheduling Appointments

Quality orthodontic treatment depends in large measure on a commitment of time. We cannot maintain a high standard if we attempt to see all of our patients after school. Appointments will be scheduled throughout the school/work day as necessary to provide the highest-quality care. If you cannot keep an appointment, we would appreciate as much notice as possible so we can schedule someone else in your place.

Appointment Times

Every effort will be made to schedule appointments at a convenient time. It is necessary to schedule appointments DURING SCHOOL HOURS due to the fact that 90% of our patients are of school age. You should also know how to get in touch with us after office hours. For your convenience, you can call the answering machine at 691-9171 to find out how to contact the doctor. We will make every effort to respond promptly to your problem.

Financial Considerations

Many of our patients have some kind of dental insurance; we can help you receive maximum benefits available under your policy. Please complete all requested information on insurance forms and bring them to your first visit. Also, please read your policy to be fully aware of its benefits and limitations and of your responsibility for any amounts not covered by your insurance.

Financial Agreement

You will be asked to sign a Federal Truth in Lending agreement. We require a signed copy by the responsible party before active treatment (placement of braces on teeth) begins in our office.

Payment Schedule

Outlined in the Federal Truth in Lending agreement will be the payment schedule. The initial payment must be received in our office at the time the appliance is placed. It is not our normal procedure to send out monthly statements, but we expect your remittances by the first of each month. These remittances are not based on the number of appointments per month or year, but represent a convenient method of budgeting the cost of treatment over a period of time.